Legendary Plot

Thank Thee of Heaven thou has served I well, Thou revealed the treachery in Thou  heart Thou guidance has help I capture the tiger of the weary ways, the one known as the Alley Cat.

“Paranoid I Am”

     Frantic out of sync in this time, that’s how it appeals to me. So many second thoughts re-evaluating every promised deed and grasping those that transpire.  I will I won’t , did you and don’t  you my friends are a mechanical saviour to my whys and wants.  Haven’t you had time to consider what’s in it for Him or me, or should you?  Out of sync frantic, turn me into an undercover maniac.  Can’t speak, can’t laugh, just looking for a release from  this economic gasp.

   P.S. Much of this “paranoid I Am” lost in mutilated circumstances .

       Written late eighties………………….

Footnote: The Past Cries for Understanding, worldly Psalms of I.