Now and Then

BIOGRAPHY of NOW and THEN Not Being the Emphasis:


What Became Important is I Grasping the Change Any way I can…..


Became a Meta- Physician, Avoided all the Isiam Scisiams, Left with only Political Scams,

That Was the Foundation of Who I Am. Got To Sixty, Born In the Fifties, Still No Time

To Be Bought, Too Blessed To Be Caught, Man Made Laws a Comical Ad Lib Flaw,

Sent From the Journey of Meta Inner Director, Also Protector, Guiding Light, Kind and Bright, Leaving with A Bang, That’s Who I Am……………

Journey with I Innovator, Due To the Transgression, Lead Me to Ascension and Further

The Cause to a Sweet Sweet Victory That’s me.

All Converters, Supposing Worshippers, Then Me a Soul to Know There Hallucination,

Comes From the Notification of the Higher Ark Luminator Within, All That Look Not Outer

Jubilation,  Born In The Beasts Coronation , Rise of the Worlds Congression,                               Which Led To Its Power of Christian Soldiers and Allah’s Lost Martyrs , Hindu Bearers , Buddha’s Planetary Converters , Judah’s Scriptural Dominators with Bombs To Make

Succession was an Ascension of A Resentment of A Man Like Me , Contentment Lead From A Concession of The Worlds Recession and Its Inability To Gather Its Manifestation of a Tea Leaf  Spirit Who Did Not Set It ,  Pleading For All To See The Inner sense Indeed ……..



Footnote : Written many years after the 87 revelation being presented with a work of Art known as “ HAND of GOD “  By The Legendary artist  Momodou Ceesay of the Gambia……..


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