Transformation: During the Letting Go of Human Challenges

I Don’t Know If I can Depend On my Senses Anymore .Something Don’t Add Up.

Help I Cry, but Prefer To Die, No Sex, No Drink It’s So Out Of Sync.

Put Me On A Island Somewhere I Can Forget the Tragic Cause of my Ailments,

Bald and Sick Heart Throb Lead in My Cage. Economic Burden Never Ending  My

Torment, What I Give You Better Satisfy Your Needs, It’s My Hard Earnt deeds

That Tantalize Your dreams. Be Good I’ll Buy You a Seventy –Dollar Hat.

When I Get To You , Your Understand, Why I’m The Master Of Economic Blues,

Not Me, You.

Food in My Mouth, My Only True Sentiment, I’m Truly Grateful, Maybe’s and Ifs Should Not Be,

Described as Gift’s But A Lenient One Who Knows What Must Be Done.

I’m Tired  I’m Finished with the Way You Took My Image, I’m Weak I’m Strong, But Most Important

I’m Wrong, I Should Not Be The Fool  Who Thinks Everything is More than A Tool, To Remind Me,

I Didn’t , I Can’t, I Shouldn’t  mess with The Master of Economic Tolerance. I’m Grateful If It Ends.

SO…I Walk In The Path of The Spirits. They Guide Me, They Protect Me.

I Call There Name Sake, I Pledge Allegiance Too They That Forsake My Name Sake.

My Cup Runneth Over, My Everything Given, Nothingness My Certification.

My Meekness Led To Glory for All To Praise, I Beg Thee Not, I Demand Thou Hear I Cry.

For In Understanding There Was Pain, In Wisdom There Was Tears, Anger and Pain replace Thunder.

All Who Glorify the Presence of thy Passage to Eternity, Ever and Ever………………

Meta-Physics Rules


Footnote:  transformation In troubled Times, initiated by false worldly promises and coming out Positive. Regular Human Squabbles.