May 26

Interpretation of Poems

A preview and history of the most embedded scars of my life’s journey, which I consider,

The most important non Meta-Physical part of my life’s journey, which gave me closure

For the summation and conclusion of the relationships with the ones that I treasured  the

Most and very interestingly gave me the ability to say farewell upon this vehicle, known as Poems.

This brings me to the legendary,  proverbs, that I had picked and embedded in my soul,

Such as, “DEEPER THE SORROW  GREATER THE JOY” and the Meta-Physical, journey of

Separating  art from , which few have translated such as I, from where it has cometh, I am not claiming exclusivity, which well may be, but simply that all “ART” is that of the expression of one’s inert frustrations in a positive way………………………..

I claim no artistry in my soul but that of my place here amongst mere mortals and their inability to know that which I am. Leaving me to the only possible way of sharing the vehicle, such as these here Poems that I now give to those that I bid farewell finally, and for the opposite to that of the “Artist” who was compensated by their inert frustration, by that of  “JOY” here on earth, to know the sacredness of these here Poems to show understanding, passion, intent of finding the reasons of why closure of the spirits that are protected and guided, also directed when necessary, by the governing body of the high order of spiritual domain which cannot be elected here on earth but by the embroiders, woven journey of compassion, kindness and unlawful acts towards the laws of man on earth.

So here forth I give you that of my farewells and closures with the understanding of why they must come to past, for simply they are of mortal behaviour and will not enter into the Universe as light with the possible destiny of darkness that surrounds the light……..

Without that of Repent and to pledge allegiance, to that which gave you all that matters……

As a foundation…………………..These POEMS I  give you all……………………….

Footnote: Not of an inert frustrated man but of a student of Light of which I am….

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May 25

Another Phase

Going Into The Circumstance of Life, No More Whys? No More Because, Sisters and Brother Sons and Daughter, Mums and Pa’s not to Blame.

What Have I Done or maybe not enough, so the Answer is do for Myself

And Never Look Back.  Past Loves Goodbye the current one will know,

I  can no Longer Live  Without  Knowing ,  I long for no more but what I got .

Footnote; Acceptance of non understanding of all


Hate is a Pain we Inflict on Our Divine Domain, again and again,

It Is the Highest Mountain to climb for it is the Furthest Journey to God in me forever.

For in the Hindrance of Never Coming Home, Is Not Hate In thou Heart,

That leads thou to thy fate of darkness to Journey again and again infinite in

An Ungodly World with thou only true Comfort is thy Heavenly Children,

Shinning from above with thou Mother and father Heavenly Spender.

Footnote;  A man I seeked to meet

The American Dream is that but a figment of thy imagination, for they know not that of

Brotherly Love and they buildest a New Babylon only he that the Light Shineth on him

And he Praise he’s sake, thy Lord Jesus Christ and love his name sake as he did Love.

Footnote: Christian seeking their saviour, in a non Christian Land

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May 18

Proverbs  & Poems of Contentment

A man in his own world.  All by himself.

With no joy who has to write a book and take the stage.

  Profound Affect

She was just a 60`s Hippy Girl.  Didn’t know  when, didn’t know how.

Happiness is when you know you are governed by that which all man seeks at some time in

their life.

I have no illusions, I’ve lost them on my travels.

Great people die young or they grow old and live in pain.

All things so unique are not all.

A child of God who was not understood by the pure mortals here on earth.

May 16

Fellow Child and Friend

Holy Entity on Earth

Thou know that I as a living God on earth cannot make it by faking it,

Forgive me for my strength, for it be that of the Master who need only serve to preserve my vision and no need of decisions.

If I offend he with my actions, judge me, not for in my understandings

There is peace, be it upon ye all, children of the womb.



Footnote: Proverb of The Naturilistic Journey as all

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May 11

Everlasting Forever is my answer to this day

Thou Royal Hark Angel  how is thou magnified sanctifier Compassion A Bliss

Unto the Burdened children on Earth as it is. Thou Comest In Light,

I Uphold Thy Grace and Rejoice in thy Blessing, Pray Thou Know of the

Destruction of Man be Sanctifies ?  I He That  Thou Grace I Divine Light Glorified.

I Infinite Manifestation here on Earth, Good be Our Guide, Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do Art in Heaven,

 Though Mother and thy Father thy Sun and Thou Moon , Peace be our Guide,

Mother Teresa I Greet and Hail thee High.

Footnote: Passing of an Angel into the Sky

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