Wellness Presentation Letter

Wellness  from  Alternative Medicine to Heal a Human, that has chosen a path of  a group of Indigenous Personalities from there  primitive beginnings, of the areas of the globe, that the western  world  is still discovering in the new understandings of the simple elements such as fruits, herbs and ways, are eventually being realised that there are no boundaries, in the area of Healing.

All Illnesses or Dysfunctions of the Body can be brought back to a healed condition, if the realization of the ailment and the process of the alternative healer required can be induced upon the one who needs and requires this here process.

There are many question one can ask about knowing or finding that Indigenous Persona for the healing work, but as a experience devout disciple of these individuals and there subjected geographic challenges to Tsunamis, Typhoons, Hurricanes, earthquakes and simple tragedies, in which the reason for having the indigenous healers of their land and homes, be reinforced by there masters and students of these sometimes ancient ways and wisdoms of the healing practices.

Asia & Africa are the leading Indigenous cultures for Alternative medicines and ways and I bring to the world at this time a assembly of Healers of Prestige Power to confront all the Ailments.

With the now new discovery with our Brothers in Jakarta the Biggest Battle of several years ago, AIDS now being healed, when necessary. The even more common illnesses of Cancer, Leukaemia, Hepatitis, Hernia and all the possibilities, and all the needs of healing, it is of cause the understanding that this exists and has no boundaries.

With the CHOICE to journey through the Path of Alternative Healing towards Wellness be that which is Chosen before all traditional elements of medicine be experienced or exercised or be excepted.

With this revelation of our new team of dedicated and chosen assembled group of which is required, thus comes the Home, the Place of Healing , A

Centre of Luxury and Comfort for those in a position to eliminate the Illness.

UTOPIA WELLNESS RESORT, Puerto Galera, Philippines…..Welcomes you !….

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