The Mysticos


To all that have decided to grace my works with your choice to gaze upon these words that I have written in many different times, from the initial transformation of not knowing to knowing to show that there exist within all a power that dictates the journey of life, here on earth.  As an Evolutionary and Spiritualist, awakened with a Meta-Physical enlightenment,  I found it necessary to go beyond the norm of the past, that which has been generically founded,  and found in the research of the greatest brains of philosophers and scientists and the legends and the heroes, in which the transformation of man`s answers rest on these Truths.

So as I, unschooled Son of a Merchant with no desire to march to the drum beat of another, for I had not found the answers of that of which I am. With the Wind as my Sculptures’ and Conversations near and far.

Thus I came upon a place within the deepest place now known as the centre of my nothingness, which now governs me, with this comes Light, which, in this, I was given the answers no other could give I here on earth, governed by the cosmic oneness we all can inherit, so it came to pass, with the understanding of the Dark Matter that many years before the Astrological families,  around the world had still not explained as I, Long Before they acclaimed to Knowest Its Place in the Wondrous of it All,  and yes, that of God which no man that talks of  Knoweth, so I beg upon you all whence thou readeth my primitive translation of all, here now in Thine eyes, judge me not for the words that came, no longer of the world, and not like that of a troubled man, just seek to know that between the lines, lie the Golden Thread of Truth for I had  the need to know, as the greatest need is to be needed, and I now needeth thou grace upon which thou now giveth.

From a Gemini who became one, Come Journey With I,

Mysticos The One Who Sees With The Eyes No Longer.