May 23

Proverbs of a Modern Man and his desires

It is I that proclaims Anarchy for those that cloaks here as thou sanctuary.

For the lost children have thou ever eaten uncivilized like an animal just famished.  Come clean has thou not all proclaimed murder.

All is guilty.  Jest not thy has proclaimed Anarchy.  Children take heed.



My acknowledgement that of the sleepwalker and that of the walking giant, and that giant of all that awakens and enlightens.  He that came to Thee to be for all.



 Is a narcotic everlasting continues to be,

If not erotic, surely neurotic.

Come be erotic with me,

Making love without touching.

Sexually pleased, intellectually comfortable,

And thrilled to be alive,

Or too wake up,

Know something new, just a few moments, like a kiss, Erotic is a Bliss,

Footnote; Non-permanent desire and to eat, love and who we meet


May 18

Proverbs  & Poems of Contentment

A man in his own world.  All by himself.

With no joy who has to write a book and take the stage.

  Profound Affect

She was just a 60`s Hippy Girl.  Didn’t know  when, didn’t know how.

Happiness is when you know you are governed by that which all man seeks at some time in

their life.

I have no illusions, I’ve lost them on my travels.

Great people die young or they grow old and live in pain.

All things so unique are not all.

A child of God who was not understood by the pure mortals here on earth.

May 16


Merchants thou be many prophets few, but only he who knows the Majestic Almighty splendour of the living God on earth as all things and nothing who praised heavenly Father in spirit, body and soul and crucified His name sake for the glory of all that impossible is that of the blindness of you that see not all possible ever present Prince of peace on earth so help me God.




On The Horizons Here Be Peace, It Being Thy Victory on Earth,

Thou See. Thou Rapture Spinning in Flames, Cosmic Forces With

Names as Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Mother Moon do Thou Care

For Thy Child, That Worship Thee Not For They Beg.

Does Thy Kings of All Heavens Know of I, Has My Coming Home

Been Acknowledge, Does He Let I and I Inherent the Horizon


Footnote: For all those that are angry, that stay angry, those that know not we are not of the flesh alone, but that they be reminded that the gentle Breeze that Blows Upon There Face be that of the Grace of God That Frees Us All of the Animalistic conditions that our fathers and Friends Love Ones Foolishly Bestowed Upon Us.

Be Angry No More, Cease to be Angry for Gentleness is the Power That Be, Amen