Proverbs of a Modern Man and his desires

It is I that proclaims Anarchy for those that cloaks here as thou sanctuary.

For the lost children have thou ever eaten uncivilized like an animal just famished.  Come clean has thou not all proclaimed murder.

All is guilty.  Jest not thy has proclaimed Anarchy.  Children take heed.



My acknowledgement that of the sleepwalker and that of the walking giant, and that giant of all that awakens and enlightens.  He that came to Thee to be for all.



 Is a narcotic everlasting continues to be,

If not erotic, surely neurotic.

Come be erotic with me,

Making love without touching.

Sexually pleased, intellectually comfortable,

And thrilled to be alive,

Or too wake up,

Know something new, just a few moments, like a kiss, Erotic is a Bliss,

Footnote; Non-permanent desire and to eat, love and who we meet