May 26

Willing and Able

If I have caused the pain,

Restrain for it shall come again.

Love I, for in that which I burden Thee with

Is but Thy anointment and honour My Mother and Father

For Thy days will be clearer and your journey become lighter

For in Thy pain, again, there is the illusive me forever.

For if Thou be willing and I be able

Is that not Thou Key to Love Me

         Rejoice and forever more Thou willingness will always be comforted

With the Almighty ableness

 And so be it


Footnote: Psalm of Time in Transformation.

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May 23

Fellow, Child & Friend

Holy Entity on earth Thou know that I as a living God on earth cannot make it by faking it, Forgive me for my strength, for it be that of the Master who need only serve to preserve my vision and no need of decisions.

If I offend thee with my actions, judge me not, for in my understandings, there is peace, be it upon ye all,  children of the womb.



Footnote: Psalm of The Naturalistic Journey as all

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May 16

Good God

This is The Clarification of the Situation of All Nations and Creation,

Good God

Now Indicate Some Can Communicate All Fornicate or Jive Turkey,

My Name Is Mysticos  I Am The Boss,

All Mysteries and Philosophies Are Known To Me, Because I Am a Good God

If  you’re Prudent, Check Out This Movement and I Will Take Away Your Every Moment,

Nothing between Us Just Down Baby Move Us, No Hell to Tell                       ,

Heaven For all Good gods

So If Your A Struggling Because Your Tired of a Jugglery,

Know you’re Father and Your Mother and I will Turn You Into

Good God with Me.


Footnote:  Psalm of the revelation of knowing…                                                                                              WRITTEN BETWEEN the Times of Celebration of the O in the God That makes Good God

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May 11

Legendary Plot

Thank Thee of Heaven thou has served I well, Thou revealed the treachery in Thou  heart Thou guidance has help I capture the tiger of the weary ways, the one known as the Alley Cat.

“Paranoid I Am”

     Frantic out of sync in this time, that’s how it appeals to me. So many second thoughts re-evaluating every promised deed and grasping those that transpire.  I will I won’t , did you and don’t  you my friends are a mechanical saviour to my whys and wants.  Haven’t you had time to consider what’s in it for Him or me, or should you?  Out of sync frantic, turn me into an undercover maniac.  Can’t speak, can’t laugh, just looking for a release from  this economic gasp.

   P.S. Much of this “paranoid I Am” lost in mutilated circumstances .

       Written late eighties………………….

Footnote: The Past Cries for Understanding, worldly Psalms of I.


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