The Facts on Journey of Life

Poem  started  April  8 & 9th 2016-04-11


You come you go, You Don’t Really Know, Some say oh What a Blow,

Who are you , from a far , Billions spent on researching mars,

When all the Complications, with War amongst Nations, is this not the degradation of all unable to know there reason for fertilization, so as to

Experience compassion and lift all from genocide, murder, hunger  and its ploys  of political suicide claiming all to be based on Transparency the most

Generic word and absurd, for the arena of political leaders who know not who they are from a far, do they not see, amongst the Trees that Nature exist,

And all the curiosity and scientific explorations are due to their inability to

Look into their inner given obligation to know there reason for life and its

Journey not dying as ignorant as one who knows not that of them simply being the Dark Matter that will surround the light that they abused and used and humiliated all those here and  there with a worthless spell here on this place called hell, not knowing who you are , go now to your eternal spar,  just surrounding spirits to Tantalize  you  from a far, hope this helps tell you who you are , warmongers and seven sin wonders your bliss awaits you with a poison kiss that not knowing guarantees you will not miss  ……………