The Mysticos

“You Became Second When Ignorance Became My Sweetest Victory “

By,   Mysticos The One Who Sees With The Eyes No Longer;

Explanation of Works:

 All Other works such as healing, that came throughout the journey with the;


True experience  of the Need to solve the Ailment of Brain Tumour and Seizures led my development of sharing the way of these spirits that were known to me as the people of SUMATRA that were healers of all ailments. MYSTICOS…which was my Impresario role until 1987 in many areas of Art.

Thus came my MetaPhysical Book which Publishers and family and friends Denied to look upon due to the allegations and prophecy I as of now a Metaphysician see’s all things with my eyes no longer, the things that matter.  “YOU BECAME SECOND WHEN IGNORANCE BECAME MY SWEETEST VICTORY” Before the actual beginning and “will “  that came after the journey of the oncoming “ You Became Second we Needed a introduction and Possible Explanation for all who have elected to go on this journey with one who sees with the eyes no longer. Having lost my healers to the Tsunami of 2004, in a Wave of the sea, my mission became to assemble those with the powers all around the Vicinity  so as Mysticos the Impresario which comes from the Italian Opera, “One Who Introduces “I Pledge my services , for those that need to be Healed. A Little of How I used my time as a Human, as follows:

Never considered many worthy of my time and studies, so this lead to my none reading, until having written these works, I saw the works of most, that of trickery, bigotry and inability, until haven written, I found the likes of Emerson, Dickens and Defoe, to learn and not to woe.

Then learnt the likes of such as Omar Khayyam, Don Quixote and of course the journey’s of the Jews who I knew was Moses and the chosen few, leaving there presence to confuse and turn man into a confused mark instead of continuing, such as I , a journey to know the wind, trees and dark matters, that I would not have got if I had not rebelled in the Orthodox church because of all the Hypocrisy in my mist.

So here I stand fall of bliss, seeking to explain my works to follow, and may my Good lead you to a greater tomorrow…………………….Mysticos      

Written 8th May 2015

 I now offer you my greatest introduction of all those that Heal!

Please allow your Good selves to be challenged beyond the human experience.