Thou is all

I Rest and Unfold All Godly Thoughts, and Lead Thou Tomorrows Too Thy Presence,

For Say It and It Shall Be Done in the Kingdom of the good.

And when thou blessing be upon the say is not a dream of thou mind or a creation of thou hand, for thou came to take life and to give.

As merciful and merciless say it be not dreams and thou doing, but that of the way of  Thy Father and Mother praise Them High for now Thy creation has been transformed into the rejuvenation of I mighty High.

         A Prayer For Thou Journey

Thou cometh

And thou Goes’

      So that


May becometh

       So is

The manifestation

Of “all” creation

And Glory be

To the

Abundance and everlasting splendour

For we that becometh know more.

                   Praise the Lord and it shall be.

                   Unto Thee

That know of No Beginning and No End, But shinning, As Above and All



Footnote:  Psalms and Prayers Deep in the Bliss of Transformation