Mother & Praise

I am thou divine mathematician that surpasses thou studies. That beckon all studies to come under the wings of a servant as master
Thou be thy glory of pain and alone, I am thou that supplest thou need the know thyself thou pain I healest.
My Aura is that Gesture of thee that stems from that of laughter that which received it and given of it astoundly majestically forever as not for that as a Shakespearean and a comedy of error, but no error of comedy for I am permanence everlasting forever all men. May brilliance be our guide. May the naturalists of all things be upon thee.
All that thou quest to know be given, may a presence be with thee and thou passage be to thy heavens be sanctified.
I am thou healer and teacher of all children so that they know thy mother and father above eternal home, that thou not needed to come from darkness all again forever and ever for the glory be in heaven amongst thy heavenly children for thy father above.
I call I mission boundless, I overcome thy chains that bound thee and I am now one. I brilliance can no longer be conferred into figures and shapes thou boundaries of circumference.
I am everything and more finite in a magnified passage here on earth glory my guide.
You ask of thee and I, I share my whole Dominion with thee
I am the spaceship that now journeys and transcends into the Inherent Rocket and seeketh the fuel to ignite thou passage in blazing glory, for I and I journey on earth is to discover the formula for the right fuel, and thou touch is my formula inventor to give and receive thee gladly and acclaim I in glory and splendour forever and ever praise I sake.
Oh Women Legendary bearer of Legends, Of thee I praise.

Footnote: Serving a Mother and Wife, Seeking There Praise……….